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Bert Sharp (1922-2003)

Works: THE ADVENTURES OF A SOLITARY SOUL - Paintings by the Author
Bert Sharp painting


Remembering Dr. Bert Sharp
by Wim van Dullemen & Christiane Macketanz

On Friday 22 August 2003, Bert Sharp died in the Worthing Hospital, Brighton, at the age of 81. We will not let this sad event go by unnoticed on our site and we would like to remember this kind and good man with a few words.

The best-known part of his work is his founding, in the early nineties, of the ‘International Humanities Conferences’, later called ‘The All and Everything Conference’. The most important characteristic of this yearly event - taking place either in the UK or in the US - is its independence. It was Bert’s vision to establish an international and independent forum for the exchange of research into the Fourth Way in general and Gurdjieff’s book in particular.

As we had the honour and pleasure to cooperate with Bert on several of these conferences, we can testify to not only the validity and uniqueness of his vision, but also to his power to realise it, year after year. There can be no doubt that the Conference, which attracted brilliant contributors such as Russell Smith, Prof. Paul Beekman Taylor and Dr. Sophia Wellbeloved, has established itself as a major force in the Gurdjieff Work today.

We would like to end this remembrance quoting the words of his close friend and co-founder of the All and Everything Conference, Sy Ginsberg: “May his work continue”.

Newsletter 3/2003